New Employee Documents

If you have been hired for a CTE Teacher or a Teachers Aide position with Twin Rivers  you will need to review and complete all the links below.  If there is a form that requires a signature, make sure you print, sign and return them to the Twin Rivers administrative office.  We also need a voided check to setup payroll direct deposit.   If you are applying for a Teachers Aide position you must also apply for a substitute teachers license online with the LVIS system.The process for a substitute teacher is similar to applying for other types of licensure. You will access LVIS, create a profile, and select the substitute license option from the pull-down menu on the Add Application page. Complete the process and pay for the application.  Click here to access the LVIS system.  Additionally:  If you are declining Health, Dental, or Vision coverage you must fill out the forms, sign and date,  and check “decline” or write at the top of the application “I decline all coverage for myself and dependents”.

Acceptable Use Policy and Form

Drug Free Policy and Form

Mr. Teach Pre and Post Video Test

Mr. Teach Blood Borne Pathogens Video

Mr. Teach Blood Borne Pathogens Video Form

Sexual Harassment Policy and Form

Internal Control Video

Internal Control Form

Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

Substitute Teacher License (Aides Only)

Employment Eligibility Verification

Health Insurance Applications

Life Insurance (All Employees)

State WH-4


Section 125 Form

Voided Bank Check for Automatic Payroll Deposits

Copy of Current Teaching License if available

I am CTE Twin Rivers Area Image Map