Ivy Tech – Precision Machine

Certificate in Machine Tool Technology (MTTC)

Ivy Tech Advisor: CJ Williams                         Email: cwilliams1094@ivytech.edu    Office Phone: 812-298-2428
MTTC Program Chair:  Marquis Songer       Email: msonger4@ivytech.edu           Office Phone: 812-298-2440


Program Description: Machinists are the ultimate makers of the world!  All products made by humans on this planet are made either directly or indirectly by machinists.  The Machine Tool Technology Certificate program combines theory and hands-on learning in both traditional (manual) and computer control machining (CNC) to prepare the next generation of machinists.  Upon completion students can resume the program to pursue a Technical Certificate (TC) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree in MTTC.  During this program students will earn nationally recognized industry certifications through the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS).  These industry certifications ensure academic objectives are being met by the student and give them the best opportunity for employment and to earn higher wages. Machinists are in high demand not just locally, but nationwide.  This program will develop student’s knowledge and skills necessary to perform machining operations using a wide range of machinery including milling machines, drill presses, lathes, surface grinders, and CNC machining centers.  Students will also learn to read prints, use precision measuring tools, and use many other hand tools required to produce machined parts.  Note:  students must travel to the Center for Workforce Development building in the Vigo County Industrial Park at least twice per week.  These courses include lectures, classroom activities, and hands-on labs.  Additional time outside of class should be allotted by the student to complete homework and/or study.

Our Graduates: Our graduates are working in a diverse manufacturing industry machining parts that go into jet engines, military equipment, automated machinery, construction and agricultural equipment, and many more unique applications.

Grade Level:  11-12

Length of Program: 2 years (Junior & Senior Years) 1/2 of the day

HS Credits per semester:  3                   HS Credits per year:  6

Fall Semester Courses:                        Days/Week                   Credits/Contacts            Time
1st Year:

MTTC 101 Intro to Machining              (2, 1st 8 week session)    (3 Cr Hrs/4 contacts)    8am – 11:50am

MTTC 107 CNC Setup & Operations     (2, 2nd 8 week session) (3 Cr Hrs/4 contacts)    8am – 11:50am

*Course Fees: MTTC 101 – $215          MTTC 107 – $240
*Ivy Tech Technology Fees*: $60 per Semester

2nd Year:

MTTC 106 Print Interpretation  (2 days/week, 1st 8 weeks)         (3 Cr Hrs/3 contacts)    8am – 10:50am

MTTC 102 Turning Processes I (2 days/week, 2nd 8 weeks)       (3 Cr Hrs/4 contacts)    8am – 11:50am

*Course Fees: MTTC 106 – $0              MTTC 102- $110
*Ivy Tech Technology Fees*: $60 per Semester


Spring Semester Courses:                    Days/Week                   Credits/Contacts            Time
1ST Year:

MTTC 103 Milling Processes I              (2, 1st 8 week session)    (3 Cr Hrs/4 contacts)    8am – 11:50am

MTTC 105 Abrasive Processes I            (2, 2nd 8 week session) (3 Cr Hrs/4 contacts)    8am – 11:50am

*Course Fees: MTTC 103 – $215          MTTC 105 – $185
*Ivy Tech Technology Fees*: $60 Per Semester

2nd Year:

MTTC 208 CNC Mill Programming      (2, 1st 8 week session)    (3 Cr Hrs/4 contacts)     8am – 11:50am

MTTC 209 CNC Lathe Programming    (2, 1st 8 week session)    (3 Cr Hrs/4 contacts)     8am – 11:50am

*Course Fees: MTTC 208 – $80            MTTC 209 – $80
*Ivy Tech Technology Fees*: $60 Per Semester

Tuition: Twin Rivers pays all CTE course tuition.  Student pays fees only. Occupations upon completion of program: Graduates of the Machine Tool Technology program find employment with area manufacturers as entry level machinists, CNC operators, and CNC setup technicians in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, and heavy equipment.

*Fees are approximate and could vary from year to year.