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VU Advisor: Derek Dixon     Email:    Office Phone: 812-888-4001

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DOE Code: 5684

Program Description:  In today’s high-tech world, everything is impacted by electronic controls. An electronics technician is needed to develop, install, and maintain these controls and systems. This program prepares students for a career as an electronics technician.

Graduates of this program will have gained the knowledge of electrical theory along with practical hands-on skills needed to repair, maintain, calibrate, and install all kinds of electrical equipment. Possible avenues of employment includes quality control, sales, service and repair, engineering assistants, radio and television communications, industrial maintenance, and field technicians for every type of company imaginable.

Grade Level:  12th

Length of Program: 1 year (Senior Year Only) 1/2 of the day.

HS Credits per semester:  3                   HS Credits per year:  6

Fall Semester Courses:                                                                                           Days/Times:
ELEC 105/115 Basic Component and Cir Analysis (6 Cr Hrs)         MWF     1:00 -4:50
ELEC 130 Digital Logic I (3 Cr Hrs)                                                                  TR      1:00 -3:50

*Course Fees: $450 for ELEC 105    &    $50 for ELEC 115   &    $90 for ELEC 130
VU Technology Fees: $20 Per Credit Hour

Spring Semester Courses:                                                                                     Days/Times:
ELEC 151 Linear Circuits  (3 Cr Hrs)                                                                MW     1:00 -4:50
ELEC 180 Digital Logic II (3 Cr Hrs)                                                                  TR     1:00 -3:50

*Course Fees: $65 for ELEC 151    &    $255 for ELEC 180
VU Technology Fees: $20 Per Credit Hour

Occupations upon completion of program: Electronics Technician or Biomedical Electronics Technician, both are currently in high demand with more jobs than graduates.

Additional education/training available after VU:  No additional training is required beyond the two year ASCT degree. However, both VU and Purdue BS Degrees are available at the VU campus or transfer to other institutions.

*Fees are approximate and could vary from year to year.

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