Ivy Tech– Industrial Technology / Advanced Automation & Robotics

Laura Hayes, Director of K14 Transition: lhayes53@ivytech.edu   Office Phone: 812-298-2496

Ivy Tech Department Chair: Molly Joseph      Email: mjoseph22@ivytech.edu                        Office Phone: 812-298-2335

AART website: https://www.ivytech.edu/advanced-automation-robotics/index.html

INDT website:  https://www.ivytech.edu/industrial-technology/index.html

Program Descriptions

Industrial Technology:  Ivy Tech’s INDT program provides high quality training and instruction which allows for the development of skills in the area of Industrial Technology. From welding classes, electrical classes, to learning about fluid power systems, the hands-on objectives in this program produces graduates qualified to enter the workforce. Ivy Tech uses current and emerging technologies for training purposes. Our business and industrial partners help develop the curriculum to meet the demands of the ever-changing work environment.

Advanced Automation & Robotics: The AART program offers technology students opportunities to develop and master a wide variety of skills in areas such as: robotic and automation system installation and troubleshooting, preventative and predictive maintenance, PLC and robotic programming, component identification and modification, and continuous system improvement.

AART/INDT overview:

The Advanced Automation and Robotics (AART) and Industrial Technology (INDT) programs at Ivy Tech offer hands-on learning coupled with interactive training using state of the art equipment and the latest technologies. Classes are taught by knowledgeable faculty who have experience and knowledge in world-class manufacturing and who are motivated to ensure that the Ivy Tech student experience is the very best.

Students have the opportunity to diversify their educational experiences and skill sets through a variety of course offerings all under one roof at the school of technology. In addition, our technical math and communication courses were developed especially for technical students; no more theory based courses with limited applications to the trades and industry.

Ivy Tech works with many business and industrial partners to offer students work-based learning and internship experiences. Course scheduling is designed to accommodate working students with flexibility for day or night classes. Students earn “stackable” degrees as they progress through the coursework, with multiple opportunities to earn industry recognized certifications which are embedded into the classes.

Our Graduates:

AART program: Graduates of the AART program will be able to work as an automated equipment technicians, robotic programmers and/or technicians, and other associated careers in almost any industry. Students earn several certifications that make them potentially valuable to employers including:  the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) Certified Production Technician (CPT) credential, the OSHA 10 Certification and the Siemens Level 1 certification.

INDT program: Graduates of the INDT program have multiple opportunities for entering directly into a career, making a career change or for hastening career advancement. Some of our students choose transfer to four-year institutions. Possible careers for graduates include Maintenance technicians, electricians, PLC programmers, welders and fabricators, and production/quality managers.

Ivy Tech

Industrial Technology – Advanced Automation & Robotics.

Grade Level — 12th

Length of Program —- 1 Year – 1/2 day

Fall Semester courses
Course I.D. Title DOE # DOE course title Credit Hours Days/Times
INDT 113 Basic Electricity 5610, 5616, 4830, or 5684 Electronics & Computer Tech 1 3 credit hours

M W 1:00 – 4:50 PM – 1st 8 weeks

ADMF 122 Automation Mechatronics – Electrical NA NA 3 credit hours

M W 1:00 – 4:50 PM – 2nd 8 weeks

Spring Semester courses
Option 1
ADMF 112 Automation/Mechatronics Mechanical Systems 5608 or 5610 Industrial Automation & Robotics 1 3 credit hours

T R 8-11:50 am

1st 8 weeks

INDT 203 Machine Maintenance & Installation 3 credit hours

T R 8-11:50 am

2nd 8 weeks

Option 2
INDT 104 Fluid Power Basics 5686 or 5610 Industrial Technical Maintenance 1 or Industrial automation & Robotics 1 3 credit hours

T R 1-4:50 pm

1st 8 weeks

ADMF 222 Automation Mechatronics – Pressurized Systems 3 credit hours

T R 1-4:50 pm

2nd 8 weeks


*Course Fees:

INDT 104 – $135 Supplies, eLearning

INDT 113 – $135 Supplies, consumables, eLearning

INDT 203 – $135 Supplies, consumables eLearning

ADMF 112 – $135 Supplies, consumables eLearning

ADMF 122 – $135 Supplies, consumables eLearning

ADMF 222 – $135 Supplies, consumables eLearning
*Ivy Tech Technology Fees*: $60 Per Semester

Tuition: Twin Rivers pays all CTE course tuition.  Student pays technology fees only.

*Fees are approximate and could vary from year to year.

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