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Laura Hayes, Director of K14 Transition: lhayes53@ivytech.edu   Office Phone: 812-298-2496
Ivy Tech Program Chair: Jeff Gossett             Email: jgossett1@ivytech.edu            Office Phone: 812-298-2474

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DOE Code: 5496/5498

Program Description: Classes in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) program at Ivy Tech are lab based with almost every class meeting having a hands-on portion where students will train and work on actual furnace and air conditioning equipment.  This lab allows students to gain experience in equipment installation, charging air conditioning units and troubleshooting equipment failures.  Our students will also learn about energy saving equipment like solar thermal, thermal storage, geo thermal, air and hot water zoning systems and HVAC building automation systems.  In some cases, students will be able to take part in community service by assisting local churches and food banks with their HVAC needs.

All HVAC instructors at Ivy Tech have many years of experience in the HVAC industry, and bring their real-life experience to the classroom.  Students will also earn several national certificates as part of their courses to add to their resume.  The HVAC program also work with an Advisory Board made up of HVAC contracts and other businesses to help make sure that what is being taught in the classroom mirrors what is needed in the field.

Grade Level:  12th

Length of Program: 1 year (Senior Year Only) 1/2 of the day.  Afternoon classes only.

HS Credits per semester:  3                   HS Credits per year:  6

Fall Semester Courses:                                                                     Days/Times:_________
HVAC 101 Heating Fundamentals (3 Cr Hrs) – 1st 8 Weeks          T/R        8:00-11:50am

HVAC 208 Heating Service (3 Cr Hrs) – 2nd 8 Weeks                   T/R        8:00-11:50am

Course Fees: HVAC 101 – $30 (supplies), HVAV 208 – $30 (supplies and HVAC Excellence Certification),

E-Learning Fee:  $105 fee for each course
Ivy Tech Technology Fees: $60/semester as an enrolled Ivy Tech student                               

Spring Semester Courses:                                                                                Days/Times:
HVAC 103 Refrigeration I (3 Cr Hrs)     – 1st 8 Weeks          T/R       8:00-11:50am

HVAC 211 Refrigeration II (3 Cr Hrs)   – 2nd 8 Weeks                   T/R          8:00-11:50am

Course Fees:, HVAC 103 – $70 (supplies and ESCO EPA 608 Certification), HVAC 211 – $60 (supplies and HVAC Excellence Certification)

E-Learning Fee:  $105 fee for each course
Ivy Tech Technology Fees:    $60/semester as an enrolled Ivy Tech student

Occupations upon completion of program: Certificate or Technical Certificate in HVAC. You can be a technician or maintenance Technician, both are currently in high demand with more jobs than graduates.

Additional education/training available after Ivy Tech:  No additional training is required beyond the two year AAS degree.



HVAC 101 Heating Fundamentals 3 Credits

Prerequisites: None. Introduces fundamentals applicable to the heating phase of air conditioning. Includes types of units, parts, basic controls, functions, and applications. Emphasizes practices, tool and meter use, temperature measurement, heat flow, the com­bustion process and piping installation practices. Covers the basic sequence of operation for gas, oil and electric furnaces.

HVAC 103 Refrigeration I 3 Credits

Prerequisites: None. Introduction to compression systems used in mechanical refrigeration including the refrigeration cycle and system components. Introduces safety procedures, proper use of tools used to install and service refrigeration equipment, refrigerant charging and recovery, system evacuation, calculating superheat and subcooling and using a refrigerant temperature/pressure chart.

HVAC 208 Heating Service 3 Credits

Prerequisites: HVAC 101 and INDT 113. Covers procedures used to analyze mechanical and electrical problems encountered when servic­ing heating systems. Covers electrical schematics and connection dia­grams, combustion testing, venting and combustion air requirements, sequence of operation, heating controls, troubleshooting techniques, installation practices, basic codes applying to furnace codes, and service procedures.

HVAC 211 Refrigeration II 3 Credits

Prerequisites: HVAC 103 and INDT 113. Continues the study of air conditioning and refrigeration with further study of compressors, metering devices, system charging, refrigerant recov­ery, equipment installation and an introduction to troubleshooting procedures [electrical, mechanical and refrigeration].Includes clean-up procedures following compressor burnout and analysis of how a single problem affects the rest of the system. Introduces electrical control systems and electrical motor basics as they apply to air conditioning and refrigeration including motor types, starting components, and motor troubleshooting basics.

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