VU – Info Tech “Programming – Game Development – Web Design”

VU Advisor: Jaci Lederman     Email:     Office Phone: 812-888-6965

VU Programming and Game Development Website

VU Web Page Design Website

DOE Code: 5230

Program Description:  As a graduate of Vincennes University’s Computer Programming Technology program you’ll have the many of the skills of a Software Engineer and be able to design and develop several types of software, including computer games and business applications. As a Computer Programmer you will learn how to write programs. After computer software engineers and systems analysts design software programs, the programmer converts that design into a logical series of instructions that the computer can follow. The programmer codes these instructions in any of a number of programming languages, depending on the need. Programmers have begun to assume some of the responsibilities that were once performed only by software engineers.

Grade Level:  12th

Length of Program: 1 year (Senior Year Only) 1/2 of the day

HS Credits per semester:  3                   HS Credits per year:  6

Fall Semester Courses:                                                                                Days/Times:
COMP 107 Intro to Web Design                               (3 Cr Hrs)       MW 3:00-4:15
COMP 185 Intro to Data Base                                   (3 Cr Hrs)        MWF 1:00-1:50
COMP 177 Intro to Programming                            (3 Cr Hrs)       MWF 2:00-2:50

*Course Fees: COMP 107 $0, COMP 185 $0, COMP 177 $0
VU Technology Fees: $20 Per Credit Hour

Spring Semester Courses:                                                               Days/Times:  

*Course Fees: TBD
VU Technology Fees: $20 Per Credit Hour

Tuition: Twin Rivers pays all CTE course tuition.  Student pays fees only.

*Fees are approximate and could vary from year to year.


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