Required Program Forms

All forms must be completed and returned to the instructor by Friday of Week 4.  This is a graded assignment that is worth 100 points.  See WBL Activities Page to determine the dates of week 4.  Paperwork will be put in a file folder or envelope and given to your high school counselor.

WBL Paperwork Checklist

Copy Driver’s License

                                                     Copy of Work Permit (If you are under the age of 18 and need a work permit one may be obtained from your high school office. If you already have a work permit you may obtain a copy of this document from you high school office or from your employer.)

Copy of Social Security Card

Hazardous Equipment Form (click here to see example)

Student Enrollment Form (click here to see example)

Student Agreement Form

Release of Information Form

Parent/Guardian Consent Form

Training Agreement

WBL Confidentiality Agreement

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