Recruitment Activities

Recruitment Timetable

2023-24  School Year

Mid December – Early January  **Twin Rivers Days**.  Information on all Twin Rivers programs will be mailed to the home of all current sophomores and juniors in your schools.  This info will discuss recruitment and what the students need to do if interested in one of our programs.

Twin Rivers Recruitment Days

(30-45 minutes speaking with your sophomores and juniors)

Jan 9-              North Knox @ 8:00      North Davies @ 12:50

Jan 11-              Sullivan @ 8:05        North Central @ 10:30        Shakamak @ 1:30

Jan 30-              Washington @ 8:15      Barr Reeve @ 9:30        Loogootee @ 10:45

Feb 1-                Linton @ 8:25        WRV @ 2:30

Feb 6-               South Knox @ 8:25        Vincennes @ 9:45          

Jan 8 – Feb 9                     Schools may schedule a visitation by students during the day to the programs.  Twin Rivers will                                                                       reimburse the school for the cost of transporting students.

Feb 16-19                         Twin Rivers on Winter Break

Feb 23                               Online Applications due to for all interested students of each school.    All students must                                                                                       submit an application – including second year students.  Applications received after this                                                                                    date will be considered after the initial applicants are reviewed

Feb 5 – Feb 23                      Counselors review student applications

Feb TBD                                 Vincennes Beauty College and Linton Beauty College 1st Interview Date

Feb 26 – Mar 1                     Twin Rivers staff reviews applications

March TBD                               Vincennes Beauty College 2nd Interview Date

March TBD                               Linton Beauty College 2nd Interview Date

March 15                              Student acceptance list submitted to schools by Twin Rivers

March 25-29                        Twin Rivers Spring Break

April 1                              Student list agreed upon by Twin Rivers and schools.

1st Week of April                 Letter mailed to students informing them of acceptance into program with projected start                                                                                   date and estimated program fee sent by Twin Rivers

April 12                                   Last day a student may safely  withdraw from Auto, Health, Construction, Work Based                                                                                          Learning, Ivy Tech, or VU to avoid any tuition charges.

Early July                                Letter sent home to all students with program start information

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