Ivy Tech – Business Administration

Laura Hayes, Director of K14 Transition: lhayes53@ivytech.edu   Office Phone: 812-298-2496
Business Program Chair: Sarah Shepler                    Email: sshepler1@ivytech.edu           Office Phone: 812-298-2412

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Program Description: The principles taught through the Ivy Tech Business Administration program are threaded in all industries including non-profit business and education. Students will be creating marketing plans, budgets, building personal websites, simulations, case-studies and creating community connections. The Business Administration program at Ivy Tech also partners with many local businesses to give students the experience and exposure in the business world that they will need to be successful.

Our Graduates: Graduates of our Associate of Science (AS) degree can seamlessly transfer to a four-year institution through our “Transfer as a Junior” program, entering at a junior status. To learn more about our Transfer as a Junior programs, and how they can save you money, contact your Ivy Tech Advisor. Please keep in mind, you will also need to be admitted to the four-year institution you intend to transfer to, admission is not guaranteed just by enrolling in a Transfer as a Junior program.
Grade Level:  12th

Length of Program: 1 year (Senior Year Only) 1/2 of the day

HS Credits per semester:  3                   HS Credits per year:  6

Fall Semester Courses:                                                                           Days/Times:
BUSN 101 Introduction to Business (Hybrid)             (3 Cr Hrs)    M/W 9:30am-10:45am (1st 8 weeks)
BOAT 207 Integrated Microsoft Applications             (3 Cr Hrs)    M/W 9:30am-10:45am (2nd 8 weeks)

*Course Fees: $0 for both classes

*Hybrid Fee: $60
*Ivy Tech Technology Fees*: $75 per semester

*Estimated New Books (with both courses): $215

Spring Semester Courses:                                                                            Days/Times:  
BUSN 201 Business Law                                       (3 Cr Hrs)     T/Th 9:30am-12:15pm (1st 8 weeks)
MKTG 101 Principles of Marketing (Hybrid)       (3 Cr Hrs)       T/Th 9:30am-10:45am (2nd  8 weeks)

*Course Fees: $0 for both classes

*Hybrid Fee: $60
*Ivy Tech Technology Fees*: $75 per Semester

*Estimated New Books (with both courses): $170

Tuition: Twin Rivers pays all CTE course tuition.  Student pays for fees and books.

Occupations upon completion of program: Graduates of the Business Administration program find employment as chief executives, general and operations mangers, sales managers, administrative service managers, industrial production managers, transportation managers, storage and distribution managers, construction mangers, social and community service managers, regulatory affair managers, compliance managers, investment fund managers, supply chain managers, security managers, loss prevention managers, cost estimators, management analysts, and postsecondary business teachers.

*Fees are approximate and could vary from year to year.
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