Field Trip Info “What You Need To Know & Do”

  1. Submit field trip request for approval.  Must take this form with you on the trip.  Click here for FIELD TRIP REQUEST FORM.
  2. Field trips out of state or overnight must be approved by the Twin Rivers Board.  Our board will meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month.  Make sure you get these request in prior to the board meeting of your trip.
  3. Getting a bus can be difficult.  This should be one of the first items you secure when planning a field trip.
  4. If parent chaperons are going on the trip, they must provide you with a limited criminal history check.  We do not pay for these or provide them.  Each criminal history check will only be valid for the school year it was issued.  If the parent is a school employee, they are exempt from this requirement.
  5. Students will cover their own meals unless other arrangements have been made in advance.
  6. In most cases, we will pay for transportation and some registrations via Perkins.  Anytime you are requesting $ from Perkins you must fill out a PD Request and follow up the field trip with a PD Report and receipts.  Click here for the PD REQUEST AND PD REPORT.
  7. You must fill out a leave request (it will be marked as professional leave).  Click here for LEAVE REQUEST.
  8. Make sure your teaching assistant can go with you on the field trip for additional supervision.
  9. Collect Field Trip Permission Forms from ALL students.  No Form = No Go for that student!  Forms must travel with you on the field trip.  Click here for Field Trip STUDENT PERMISSION FORM.
  10. Contact all Principals and Counselors of the home schools your students attend at least 2 times and copy me on the emails.  Contact in advance about the field trip and let them know the details.  Remind them again right before you go.
  11. Some schools may ask you to fill out paperwork for them as well.  Keep a copy for your records.
  12. Additionally, plan a bathroom stop on the way of long trips.  Students will load up on soda and energy drinks in the morning.  I have seen this first hand to be a problem!
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