Ivy Tech – Diesel Technology

Laura Hayes, Director of K14 Transition: lhayes53@ivytech.edu   Office Phone: 812-298-2496

Program Advisor: Michael Mauntel     Email: mmauntel@ivytech.edu           Office Phone:(812)298-2313

Program website: https://www.ivytech.edu/diesel-tech/

Program Description: The heavy truck diesel degree is designed to introduce and prepare students for a career in this fast growing field of study. New strict emission standards and advanced computer electronic systems have created a desperate need for skilled technicians that have a good understanding of these high tech computer controlled systems. Classroom theory and live lab assisted hands-on training will be the cornerstones of this program as it focuses on the current and future needs of the industry.

This is a hands-on training program that allows plenty of lab time to develop the skills needed to be successful in the field as students learn how to diagnose and repair high-tech systems. Students receive hands-on experience on up to date repair and diagnostic equipment used in the diesel engine industry by ASE certified instructors. This program will prepare students for entry level employment with companies that require training in areas such as: electrical systems, engine performance, transmissions, brakes, steering and suspension systems, air conditioning systems, and engine repair. Students are prepared to take industry standard certification exams from ASE.

Our Graduates are sought after by local employers when they need heavy truck or diesel engine service technicians at places such as new truck dealerships, independent repair shops, parts stores, construction or farm equipment repair facilities, or even start their own business!

Fall Semester Courses:                                                                                        Days/Times:
TRCK 121 Truck Braking Systems 1st 8wks (3 Cr Hrs)                                          T/R     1:00-4:50 pm
TRCK 101 Steering& Suspension- 2nd 8wks (3 Cr Hrs)                                               T/R     1:00-4:50 pm

*Book Fees: None

* E-Learning fee (in lieu of textbook): $105.00 for each course 

*Course Fees: TRCK 101 – $22 Supplies, TRCK 121 – $22 Supplies
* Technology Fees*: $60 per semester

Spring Semester Courses:                                                                             Days/Times:  
TRCK 125 HT Transmission/ Differential -1st 8wks (3 Cr Hrs)                            M/W 1:00-4:50 pm.

TRCK 127 Diesel Engine Repair– 2nd 8wks (3 Cr Hrs)                                     M/W 1:00-4:50 pm.

*Book Fees: None

* E-Learning fee (in lieu of textbook): $105.00 for each course 

*Course Fees: TRCK 125 – $22 Supplies, TRCK 127 – $22 Supplies

*Technology Fees: $60 per semester

Tuition: Twin Rivers pays CTE course tuition.  Student pays fees only.

*Fees are approximate and could vary from year to year.

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